Malta Weddings can help you plan and have your wedding in a church of your choice or else we can suggest one ourselves.

Couples intending to have a wedding outside their country have to go through the same procedures as if they are administering the sacrament in their own country. They have to follow this procedure:

Go to your local Parish Priest, i.e. the Parish Priest where you live. He will then guide you through the normal procedures, provide instruction and fill the prenuptial forms which are then sent by your Church marriage office to the Church marriage office in Malta.

We will then send you some forms which you have to send back duly filled along with the documents requested. These documents have to reach us from 3 months up to at least 6 weeks before the wedding.

We will then proceed to discuss your wedding arrangements, where we can offer to assist with booking the bridal car, arrange for flowers, book photographer, arrange music, and if you are travelling alone ask someone to witness your wedding as well if need be. These are just the basic services  and we will be able to assist you with an array of other services as needed.

Once you get to Malta, you will need to meet with the priest prior to your ceremony. We also normally suggest to make arrangements for a short rehearsal which will help a lot to settle the nerves.

A Civil Ceremony may also take place at any other place open to the public and which the Registrar accepts as appropriate.

Whatever the event is, let us help you choose and create an unforgettable moments. Our team will ensure that your event will be planned carefully and with dedication.