Getting married in Malta is legally binding in the UK, Ireland and all other countries.

Whether you decide to get married with the church or the civil, Maltaweddings.co.uk will advise and assist you with the legal requirements for your wedding in Malta.

The Marriage Registry office regulates all marriages celebrated in Malta and Gozo, whether religious or civil.

The local Registrar can perform the ceremony in the local Register Office or in a licensed venue. The ceremony will be conducted in English, after which you have the opportunity to personalise your ceremony by having a short reading.

Residency stay: In Malta no residence requirements however couples are required to visit the Marriage Registry office to finalise the paperwork before their wedding day.

Basic Documentation for getting married in Malta –

If you intend to marry in Malta you will need the following documentation.

1. Rz1 Form

2. Rz2: Form

3.Groom’s and bride’s Original repeated copies of the Birth Certificate / Adoption Certificate:

4. Witnesses

5. Passport photocopies

6. Martial status certificate

Religious Ceremony:

Malta is recognised as a Roman Catholic country with ninety-one percent of Maltese people belonging to the Roman Catholic religion, although Anglican Church weddings can be celebrated. Religious weddings are legally binding provided the couple comply with the requirements of the local Public Registry in Malta.

Catholic Church Wedding:

The bride and groom should allow six months before their wedding date to prepare the required church documents.

Documents Required for Catholic Church Weddings in Malta:

1. Pre-nuptial Investigation forms
2. Affidavits of Freedom to Marry for both bride and groom
3. Baptism and Confirmation Certificates (this can not be issued more than six months in advance)
4. Priest’s written statement that pre-marital instructions have been given
5. Permission by the Ordinary or his delegate for marriage for marriage to be celebrated outside his Diocese (in this case Malta)
6. Any required dispensations from the Diocese of the Catholic party
7. Isles in the case of a mixed marriage (that the other non-Catholic part will not obstruct his/her future children from being brought up in the Catholic faith, if the Catholic spouse so wishes)

Renewal of Vows: you may want to consider a blessing, bear in mind the ceremony will not be legally binding so you may want to have a Civil Wedding before. This option is popular with partners where one or both have been previously divorced.

NB: Marriage license requirements often change. The above information is for guidance only and should not be regarded as legal advice. It is important that you verify all information with the local marriage license office before making any wedding or travel plans.

This is only a summary of what is requirements to get married in Malta, once your wedding date is booked and secured with Malta Weddings .co.uk, we will email you a more detailed guideline and the forms required.

Whatever the event is, let us help you choose and create an unforgettable moments. Our team will ensure that your event will be planned carefully and with dedication.