Terms and Conditions


1. Confirmation

- During an initial inquiry stage no venue space is blocked and is subject to availability.

- Venues will only be guaranteed once the signed booking form and Contract with the initial deposit have been received.

- Food and beverage preparation as well as invoicing will be based on the final number of guaranteed guests. Should the guests attending the event be less than those guaranteed by the Client, the charges will still be based on the guaranteed numbers.

- Table Plans, music list, food choices are to be confirmed no later than 1 month prior to your wedding date.

- Confirmed numbers are to be given to the planner 1 month prior to your date.

- All prices include 18% VAT but do not include any other taxes which are not in force as at the date of signing of this contract. Any changes in VAT charges or tax charges will come into effect immediately and will be reflected in the prices of the Event.

2. Civil Ceremonies

All necessary paperwork & legal documents required for the civil union / ceremony should be received by the wedding planner no later than 8 weeks prior to the ceremony date. In the event of late, incorrect or forgotten submission that can lead to permits not being issued and cancellation of the ceremony your wedding planner cannot be deemed liable. Your wedding planner cannot guarantee or be held responsible for any changes to the time of service by the local registrar that is beyond our control.

3. Hours

The duration of a wedding is five (5) hours. This time starts from the arrival of the first guests that is approximately one hour and a half after the commencement of the Church service or thirty (30) minutes from the start of the civil wedding ceremony.
Any additional hours thereafter will be charged at an overtime fee per hour.

4. Food

The Wedding Planner will provide the Client with food and beverage as specified in the Venue’s Wedding Menu Packs and quote.
All Food is to be supplied by the Venue caterers or outside caterers provided by us if in privately owned venues.
No food or beverage of any kind will be permitted to be brought into the certain hotels or venues by the customer or any of the customer’s guests/invitees without authorisation of the hotel’s management which reserves the right to charge a service fee for the said authorisation. In the event that the customer is authorised to bring into the hotel food and/or beverage items, the customer prior to the event must sign the appropriate indemnity form. Due to food safety regulations and strict guidelines for food storage, no leftover food will be allowed to be taken off the hotel premises with the exception of the Wedding cake.

Menu, Beverage and Set up details are to be finalised ONE month before the date of the Event, or at booking if this is less than one month prior to the event.

5. Number of Guests

The Guaranteed numbers of guests must be submitted in writing one month prior the date of the event. Any amendments to the numbers attending must be submitted 14 days prior to the event, after which the Company reserves the right not to accept any amendments. Should these guaranteed numbers not be given within the stipulated timeframe, the last number of guests communicated to the Company by the Client will be taken as the guaranteed number of guests for the event.

5. Staff charges

As stipulated in the menu packs, are covered for the maximum of five (5) hours from the start of the event. Any additional hours thereafter will be charged at the overtime rates stipulated in our Wedding Packages quotes.
6. Music and Entertainment

Volumes should adhere in all instances to Maltese Law and are subject to the venue logistics and policies.
Local laws pertaining to the control of noise and public disturbance must be followed at all times. Any music taking place within the hotels/venues or their grounds must cease before 11pm. After 11pm the level of music needs to be lowered to a level that which is only heard in the venue itself without causing any inconvenience to Hotel guests or local residents.

The wedding planner and the hotel management reserve the right to stop the music at any time if it is causing a disturbance to guests or local residents. Your wedding planner must approve all bands, musicians, performers or any other forms of live music and entertainment employed by the customer.

7. Goods pertaining to the client or suppliers contracted

The Wedding Planner, Venue and Suppliers cannot be held responsible for any goods pertaining to the client or suppliers contracted by the client which are left at the venue following the event.

8. The Wedding Planner, Venue and Suppliers shall not be held responsible for any lost or stolen items belonging to the guests or to the Client

9. Policeman / Security

Policeman/Policemen is sometimes required during the Event in all the venues. The venue/planner will be responsible for booking this service however the charges will be bourne by the Client. (requirement is subject to venue and location)

10. Damage

The Client (Couple) shall be responsible for any damage caused to the venue where the function is held, whether by him or their guests. Any such breakages sustained by the Company will be invoiced accordingly to the Client.

11. Outdoor Venues

In the event of questionable weather where an outdoor venue has been booked, decisions to be taken with regards to setting up are to be taken by 10.00am for an evening event and 18.00 hours one day prior for a morning event.

12. Payment

- 25% Deposit of the estimated total or €1500 is required on confirmation (non-refundable)
- 50% of estimated total is required 6 months prior
- Balance required 1 month prior
- Remaining balance is to be settled 8 weeks before the wedding day or on receipt of the paperwork

13. Cancellation
1. No verbal Cancellations will be accepted by the Company. Any cancellations, by the client will have to be made in writing and signed by both parties.

2. The Cancellation of an event by the Client for whatever reason will entail the forfeiture in favour of the Wedding Planner/ Venues/Suppliers of all the payments that have been made.

3. The Wedding Planner will attempt to fulfil any request for the changing of the date of the event. The Client accepts that this is at the discretion of the Wedding Planner and subject to availability. All additional charges arising from the change of date are the responsibility of the Client.

4. Should the Change of date not be possible, the Client will be bound by the Cancellation Policy listed above.

Our packages include the use of 3rd parties (suppliers) with whom we mostly work.

Once your wedding date is secured against deposit, the Wedding Planner will give the couple the contact details of the main suppliers (dj, musician, and photographer) and suggest that the couple contact the suppliers directly and get to know before their wedding day as if they have booked them directly. Otherwise everything can be emailed and dealt with the Wedding Planner.

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