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For as long as I can remember I have been interested in food. How it tastes….. How it looks…. The different textures…… The Odour…. and how to refine it, to bring it to a better level and creating new experiences for all of your senses.

I have been working as a professional Chef for over 12 years. My passion for food started when I was a young boy. I remember sitting in the kitchen watching my parents and grandmother cook and I was always interested in the preparation, presentation and most importantly, the taste.

Before I had finished High School I knew I wanted to take my passion for food to a professional level. I went for a three Years full-time training in a high-class Hotel in Germany, from where I graduated with an international Diploma in Professional Cookery.

The beauty of being a Chef is that you never stop learning and the possibilities of creating new and exciting dishes is endless. For this reason and to open my horizon in the art of cooking I attended over the last few years several specific cooking training. Such as Chocolate and Praline preparations. Fruit carving classes. The art of baking. Herb cooking course. Sous-vide cooking and conservations Techniques. Textures and Techniques in modern cuisine. Molecular cooking training.

I am lucky in the fact that, I love what I do, I love learning, and I think most importantly of all, I love sharing my knowledge and what I have learned with others, not only just aspiring chefs but to anyone who is interested in food.

After finishing my chef training I continued working in the south of Germany for another two years in high-class gastronomy establishments. Then I went to explore the world of food in Asia. I have spent one year in Thailand and Malaysia traveling while experiencing and refining my skills in the Asian cuisine.

While returning back to Europe I decided to move to the south of France to practice the Mediterranean French cuisine on the place. I spend there almost two years working in different French gastronomy establishments, where I gained lots of new knowledge from some of the top chefs in the area.

As I still was way to hungry for new things to explore, I pushed myself to a new challenge and I became a private chef in the Super Yacht industry where I was working the last 5 years. Working as a yacht chef allowed me not only to cook with some of the worlds finest ingredients, but it allowed me as well to continue to travel the world and learn more about different cultures and cuisines.

Meanwhile, I work as well as a freelance private chef, to be hired on private yachts, private homes, for events, cooking classes or as consultant for restaurants.

My services:

Consultancy in Menu planning for events and weddings in Malta.
Outside catering for weddings, pre-wedding dinner, after wedding bbq get-together or private cooking if you charter a boat or if you hire a villa.

As I traveled extensively around the world, which has provided me with a certain – know-how- in different kinds of cuisines and with a wide range of skills to prepare food. Preparing and displaying of buffets. High-quality Canapés service, fusion-food, private dining, theme dining, romantic dining and more.

Personal chef wedding Malta

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