Freelancer, Planner, Group Travel Manager, Facilitator- Rosemarie Agius Deli

Mostly known as Rosemarie the wedding planner…

From young age, my main interest is to work with people of different nationalities and from different backgrounds.

After I was satisfied with my level of education, my first job was as a sales assistant at the Malta International Airport. Later on, I got the opportunity to work in hotels starting from a receptionist to a day to day manager.

I believe in the law of attraction and what we want we attract, after a few years working in hotels I joined a UK travel company as a representative. At this point, I felt it was time to listen to my heart and following my dream.

In 1998, my dream became an idea to start my very own adventure… My partner and I put our hearts and soul to it; we created the logo, website, seo marketing, all what was needed to be out on the market and made it very successful.

We booked flights and planned individual customised holidays which suit our customers best. We have created various events, tours and groups which travel to the islands of Malta and to other countries.
The big boom happened about a decade ago, when the wedding planning kicked in. I was one of the first wedding planners who catered for foreign couples in Malta. Our couples mainly came from the UK and Ireland, soon enough expanded to other countries including Norway, Russia, Jamaica, Lithuania, India, Nigeria, Australia, America and many more.

From sales assistant to receptionist… planning leisure group travel and weddings the dream day for most…

Today, I am a freelance facilitator, planner, consultant… doing what I love most, I can proudly say, YES, I have achieved my dream.

If my journey, inspires you and ever think of Malta whether for a short vacation, work, getting married, creating a business, I will be more than glad to help and get involved in new ventures.

Rosemarie Agius Delia.
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