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Indian Weddings in Malta

Indian Weddings in Malta, Hindu traditional weddings in Malta

A Indian wedding comes to life with rich colors, festivities, and customs that have existed for hundreds of years. Here, some of the rituals that are still popular today.

Don’t be afraid to wear a bold color—that will help you fit in with the Indian guests who’ll be dressed in vibrant colors and eye-catching jewelry.

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Malta Wedding Entertainment Musician Bands and Gigs


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Church wedding packages Malta

  • Standard fees for Church wedding packages include: Diocese fee, church donation and the priest donation
  • Civil marriage license fee
  • Guideline, assistance with the paperwork, and planning fees.
  • Apply for your wedding license on your behalf for the issuing of the public banns
  • Publication of the Bann
  • Booking of the church and an English speaking priest
  • Mass booklet ready for printing
  • Visit to the church prior to the wedding day
  • Pre-wedding meeting with your priest
  • Return transport and appointment with the marriage registrar officer 2 days prior to your wedding day
  • Souvenir Certificate

For more information about our church weddings packages, kindly contact us via our request form

Weddings in Malta,

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Civil Beach Wedding Malta

Civil Wedding, beach… the dream of most of us!

Consultancy, guidance and assistance with the preparation of all the documentation required for the application of your wedding license.

We will apply for your wedding license on your behalf and make sure every detail is right prior the issuing of the public banns.

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